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AUW News

Written on 25 November 2013, 00.03 by Administrator
monitoring-and-evaluation-specialistMONITORING AND EVALUATION SPECIALIST Employing: organization Ahfad University for Women Department: School of Management Studies Job title:...
Written on 05 June 2013, 11.53 by Administrator
professor-gasim-visit-to-university-of-barcelonaProfessor Gasim Badri visit to the Faculty of Psychology of the University...
Written on 07 May 2013, 10.55 by Administrator
auw-participating-in-qatarAUW in Qatar   Participation of Ahfad University for Women among 27 international universities in Qatar Arabic Debating Championship at Doha...
Written on 06 May 2013, 11.48 by Administrator
graduation-part92013 Graduation Ceremony Pictures Part9
Written on 06 May 2013, 11.44 by Administrator
graduation-part82013 Graduation Ceremony Pictures Part8
Written on 06 May 2013, 11.42 by Administrator
graduation-part72013 Graduation Ceremony Pictures Part7
Written on 06 May 2013, 11.35 by Administrator
graduation-part62013 Graduation Ceremony Pictures Part6
Written on 06 May 2013, 11.19 by Administrator
graduation-part52013 Graduation Ceremony Pictures  Part5
Written on 06 May 2013, 11.11 by Administrator
graduation-part42013 Graduation Ceremony Pictures  Part4
Written on 06 May 2013, 09.57 by Administrator
2013-graduation-part32013 Graduation Part3    
Written on 06 May 2013, 09.46 by Administrator
graduation-part22013 Graduation Pictures PART 2  
Written on 29 April 2013, 11.48 by Administrator
2013-graduation-ceremony-pictures-part12013 Graduation Ceremony Pictures  Part1
Written on 27 April 2013, 09.40 by Administrator
2013-graduation-ceremony2013 Graduation Ceremony                            
Written on 23 April 2013, 09.47 by Administrator
graduation-2013-rehearsalsAUW's 2013 Graduation Rehearsals   AUW's girls are getting ready to try their wings in a great big...
Written on 07 March 2013, 11.42 by Administrator
womens-week-closing-dayWomen's Week Closing day A Lot of events. A lot of activities. Shouldn't miss it.                  
Written on 21 January 2013, 11.04 by Administrator
2013-womens-week-lineup2013 Women's Week Lineup        
Written on 19 January 2013, 00.00 by Administrator
new-conference-hall-opening  New Conference hall opening, Mahmoud Haj Sheikh Omar the lawyer hall  
Written on 15 January 2013, 00.00 by Administrator
siddeg-modather-memorial-ceremonyThe poet Siddig Modather memorial ceremony at AUW  
Written on 02 January 2013, 23.02 by Administrator
opening-of-the-technology-centerOpening of The Technology Center   What once was a dream became a vision. Now, it's...
Written on 15 December 2012, 13.58 by Administrator
the-centennial-memorial-of-yusif-badriThe Centennial Memorial of Yusif Badri On Dec 12th AUW celebrated the Centennial Memorial of Yusif...
Written on 05 December 2012, 12.53 by Administrator
petronas-annual-english-debate-opening-day28-11-2012Petronas Annual English Debate -Opening Day 28-11-2012 ...
Written on 05 December 2012, 12.19 by Administrator
noma-nucoop-students-research-conference-3-12-2012NOMA-NUCOOP Students Research Conference 3-12-2012‏ ...
Written on 19 November 2012, 15.33 by Administrator
main-partner-institution-in-norway-uinMain partner institution in Norway (UiN)     University of Bergen (UIB), Centre for International Health, Bergen University College, Department of...
Written on 17 November 2012, 08.22 by Administrator
rural-extension-field-trips-2012RURAL EXTENSION FIELD TRIPS 2012   ...
Written on 06 October 2012, 07.25 by Administrator
undp-2012-social-good-summitUNDP 2012 Social Good Summit Date: 24 September 2012 Time: 1:30 – 3:00 Venue: UNDP office, meeting hall Theme: How can new media and...
Written on 22 September 2012, 07.08 by Administrator
professor-gasim-badri-honoring-ceremony-Professor Gasim Badri Honoring Ceremony   On September 17th at Ahad's club an honoring ceremony was held by Shabab Al-osra Al-ansariah to honor...
Written on 15 August 2012, 19.31 by Administrator
internationalization-workshopInternationalization workshop On Monday 13th, AUW RIG/DPR & IERO organized a preparatory workshop "Rethinking Internationalization and...
Written on 13 August 2012, 08.00 by Administrator
auws-annual-iftarAUW's annual Iftar   Ahfad University for Women, celebrated it's annual Iftar.  
Written on 31 July 2012, 08.06 by Administrator
kenyas-ambassador-visit-to-ahfadKenya’s Ambassador visit to Ahfad Robert M. Ngesu Ambassador of Kenya to the Sudan visited AUW to explore potential areas of...
Written on 22 July 2012, 10.27 by Administrator
mr-holmas-visit-to-ahfadNorwegian Minister Mr. Holmås visit to Ahfad     Mr. Holmås was greeted by the President of Ahfad University, Professor Gasim Badri, other...