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AUW News

Written on 23 August 2015, 08.32 by Administrator
tedx-ahfad-universityTEDx Ahfad Event TEDx Ahfad University August 20th Time:7-11 team members with proffesor Gasim and attendees . Tedx Ahfad Team
Written on 21 July 2015, 08.41 by Administrator
2015-07-21-09-33-18  اقام السيد رئيس الجامعة إفطار رمضان السنوي وذلك في يوم الاثنين 13/7/2015 الموافق 26 رمضان وقد شارك في الإفطار عدد كبير من أصدقاء الجامعة...
Written on 30 April 2015, 16.03 by Administrator
graduation-ceremony-2015Graduation Ceremony 2015 Mrs. Annemiek Hoogenboom, a Dutch citizen, was awarded a honorary doctoral degree at Ahfad University for Women in recognition...
Written on 28 April 2015, 12.58 by Administrator
article-on-auw-in-alsharq-alwasatAhfad University: An African Pioneer Khartoum, Asharq Al-Awsat—Unsurprisingly, you won’t find any male students in the lecture halls of Sudan’s famous...
Written on 08 April 2015, 08.10 by Administrator
-26المجلس القومى للتعليم العالى والبحث العلمى-دورة الانعقاد (26) تقام دورة الانعقاد (26) للمجلس القومى للتعليم العالى والبحث العلمي بجامعة الاحفاد للبنات...
Written on 01 April 2015, 10.11 by Administrator
3rd-annual-job-fair-  3RD ANNUAL JOB FAIR   AUW’s 3’Annual Job Fair is about providing opportunities for prospective graduate, alumni and to discover what is a job market...
Written on 04 March 2015, 11.18 by Administrator
womens-week-2015  AUW: 50 YEARS OF EMPOWERING & EDUCATION WOMEN Yesterday was the Opening Ceremony of Women's Week 3 March 2015 UNDER THEME "AUW WELCOMES ITS...
Written on 12 February 2015, 14.40 by Administrator
unfpa-resident-representative-at-auw-  UNFPA Resident Representative at AUW   The Resident Representative of the UNFPA Sudan, Dr. Lina Musa and her Deputy Representative Dr. Mohamed...
Written on 12 February 2015, 13.00 by Administrator
national-council-for-child-welfare-visits-auw  National Council for Child Welfare visits AUW The High Commissioner for the National Council for Child Welfare, Uz. Amal Mahmoud and her team paid a...
Written on 09 February 2015, 09.22 by Administrator
say-no-to-fgm  Join AUW & Partners to SAY NO TO FGM   In Ahfad University will be distribute flyers for the students on FGM, the Zero Tolerance Day and the...
Written on 08 February 2015, 09.39 by Administrator
understanding-trauma-in-sudan-conference-invitation Understanding-trauma-in-sudan-conference-invitation Ahfad Trauma Center will be the first Conference in Understanding Trauma: from Individual to...
Written on 08 February 2015, 09.27 by Administrator
too-young-to-wed  Award-winning Too Young to Wed photo exhibition brings campaign to end child marriage to Khartoum Ahfad University for Women, the Embassy of Canada...
Written on 25 November 2013, 00.03 by Administrator
monitoring-and-evaluation-specialistMONITORING AND EVALUATION SPECIALIST Employing: organization Ahfad University for Women Department: School of Management Studies Job title:...
Written on 05 June 2013, 11.53 by Administrator
professor-gasim-visit-to-university-of-barcelonaProfessor Gasim Badri visit to the Faculty of Psychology of the University...
Written on 07 May 2013, 10.55 by Administrator
auw-participating-in-qatarAUW in Qatar   Participation of Ahfad University for Women among 27 international universities in Qatar Arabic Debating Championship at Doha...
Written on 06 May 2013, 11.48 by Administrator
graduation-part92013 Graduation Ceremony Pictures Part9
Written on 06 May 2013, 11.44 by Administrator
graduation-part82013 Graduation Ceremony Pictures Part8
Written on 06 May 2013, 11.42 by Administrator
graduation-part72013 Graduation Ceremony Pictures Part7
Written on 06 May 2013, 11.35 by Administrator
graduation-part62013 Graduation Ceremony Pictures Part6
Written on 06 May 2013, 11.19 by Administrator
graduation-part52013 Graduation Ceremony Pictures  Part5
Written on 06 May 2013, 11.11 by Administrator
graduation-part42013 Graduation Ceremony Pictures  Part4
Written on 06 May 2013, 09.57 by Administrator
2013-graduation-part32013 Graduation Part3    
Written on 06 May 2013, 09.46 by Administrator
graduation-part22013 Graduation Pictures PART 2  
Written on 29 April 2013, 11.48 by Administrator
2013-graduation-ceremony-pictures-part12013 Graduation Ceremony Pictures  Part1
Written on 27 April 2013, 09.40 by Administrator
2013-graduation-ceremony2013 Graduation Ceremony                            
Written on 23 April 2013, 09.47 by Administrator
graduation-2013-rehearsalsAUW's 2013 Graduation Rehearsals   AUW's girls are getting ready to try their wings in a great big...
Written on 07 March 2013, 11.42 by Administrator
womens-week-closing-dayWomen's Week Closing day A Lot of events. A lot of activities. Shouldn't miss it.                  
Written on 21 January 2013, 11.04 by Administrator
2013-womens-week-lineup2013 Women's Week Lineup        
Written on 19 January 2013, 00.00 by Administrator
new-conference-hall-opening  New Conference hall opening, Mahmoud Haj Sheikh Omar the lawyer hall  
Written on 15 January 2013, 00.00 by Administrator
siddeg-modather-memorial-ceremonyThe poet Siddig Modather memorial ceremony at AUW